Prohibited Items

The following commodities are NOT acceptable for transport

  1. Alcoholic beverages
  2. Batteries *
  3. Biomedical waste, such as needles, syringes, bandages and etc
  4. Explosives, firearms, ammunition, toy weapons, gun replicas, BB Guns and paintball markers
  5. Garbage or harmful waste
  6. Hazardous materials

o   a. Flammable liquids, (with the exception of perfumes ID8000)

o   b. Flammable solids

o   c. Flammable gas or with pressure, such as aerosol cans

o   d. Corrosive materials

  1. Human bodies, parts, organs, cremated remains, or exhumed bodies
  2. Imitation or falsified brands
  3. Items intended for resale
  4. Items that are damaged, broken, or that require repair
  5. Items that are prohibited to own, carry, import or export according to any law, statute, or regulation
  6. Items that are wet, leaking or emitting odor
  7. Items that may cause damages or delays to any equipment, personnel or property
  8. Items that require any kind of special license
  9. Jewelry, metals, precious and semi-precious stones
  10. Lottery tickets or gambling devices
  11. Money, cash, bank bills, coins, currency, paper money, and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash, such as endorsed stocks, bonds, drafts and cash letters
  12. Motorized engines.
  13. Perishables, such as food and beverages
  14. Pirated materials **
  15. Plants
  16. Pornography or obscene material
  17. Tobacco, e-cigarette or vaping related products
  18. Untreated Wood.

* Lithium batteries (UN3481) are allowed.
** Items, materials, or goods that violate any copyright laws.
This list is subject to change without notice.